Mindful Mentoring

Two women celebrating their mindful journey together

Mindful mentoring is for you if…

  • You’d like a mindful companion with you while you explore past experiences that may be coming up during your meditation practice.
  • You worry others may not understand things you want to share. You’re looking for a supportive listener who’ll work alongside you while you investigate whatever feels appropriate for you.
  • Or perhaps you’d simply like to continue your exploration of mindfulness one-to-one with a mindful mentor.

“Of the many needs we have as human beings, the one that brings us the most inner tranquillity is sharing who we are, how we feel, what we are thinking and what we are discovering about ourselves.” Caroline Myss, on the value of spiritual mentoring

I’m a Mindfulness Association accredited teacher, a Transpersonal Coach and a member of the International Association of Coaches, Therapists and Mentors. In 2022, I took part in a first-of-its-kind Mindfulness Mentor training programme for mindfulness and meditation teachers, with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.

I provide non-judgemental, unconditional support, creating a safe, mindful space in which we can work through whatever arises for you.

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A mindful space to talk


A typical mindful mentoring session starts with a few moments of us sitting quietly together to settle into the space. When you’re ready, you can talk freely about whatever’s going on in your life – without interruption, intervention or judgement.

This is time solely for you, to explore whatever you want to. I’m here to listen and I’m here for you.

“I feel a deep sense of safety and trust during our sessions. I share openly and have not felt any hesitation in doing so; I would not do this if I didn’t feel safe enough to. Sue allows me to ‘ramble’ about my inner world, my outer world experiences and how I struggle sometimes to integrate the two and my place in the world. Sue’s input and ‘relating’ has been a balm to some of my inner struggles – to feel heard, seen and understood is precious to me.” Experienced meditator, seeking help with decision making

A new perspective to help you move forwards

Two women walking together side-by-side
As you talk and I listen, I’ll be able to identify a mindfulness practice that would be particularly helpful for you at this point. It might be a healing practice that’s best or a self-compassion or future-self visualisation, for instance.

The practice we do next will help you step back and see your particular situation in a different way. You’ll begin to gain a new perspective on what you’ve shared, moving away from tunnel vision, stepping back and opening out.

This new perspective is your first step towards positive change. Together, we’ll work out what you need to do next. We’ll choose a simple, tangible and achievable step to get you started.

“I appreciated feeling safe enough to explore various approaches to the sessions (from being prepped for a session to just rocking up!) and feeling safe enough to go wherever that took us. I think this provided a great foundation to provide plenty of food for thought between sessions and I found this uplifting and it fuelled my motivation for change.” Mindfulness teacher

Each session is between one and one and a half hours long, depending on what’s needed at the time. It’s a beautiful, healing process. Do give it a try – get in touch!

Spiritual mentoring and transpersonal coaching

One of the keys to the power of mindful mentoring is that it involves spiritual friendship amongst peers. In Sanskrit, this is called kalyanamitra. We work together to inspire you on your path to awakening, gently shaking you out of your routines and giving you a broader outlook. Combined with transpersonal coaching, spiritual mentoring can be a transformative experience.

“I had not heard of transpersonal coaching before and have had a very unexpected and transformational experience. I think that it also worked particularly well because I was completing insight training so increasing my subliminal awareness … Your interpersonal skills, mindfulness teaching and transpersonal coaching skills make a wonderful combination.” Student on MSc Studies in Mindfulness Course

Before we work together


Before we start working together, we’ll have a 30-minute chat, by phone or Zoom call. This call is free of charge and will be:

  • Your opportunity to ask questions
  • My opportunity to explain how I work
  • Our opportunity to decide whether working together is right for us both.

If we decide to work together, we’ll chat about how many sessions you might need and over what timeframe. That might be six sessions, for instance, spread over an agreed period of time; perhaps once a month or every two weeks. Whatever we decide will be tailored to your needs.


Where do sessions take place?


Sessions currently take place via Zoom. At a point in the future when it’s safe to meet indoors face-to-face, we’ll have the option of using a cosy therapy room in Berwick, Northumberland.

Sunny, private therapy room
Therapy room with comfortable chair


£45 per session (1–1.5 hours)

Or book and pay for six sessions in advance for £225

I also accept pro bono clients according to their circumstances so, if your finances are limited, please ask.

To help you decide whether this is for you…

Arrange your free 30-minute phone or Zoom call.

I’ll talk you through how I work and answer any questions you have.

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